Need help making an iPhone/Android app?
Hello, I'm Elaine, an iOS app consultant & certified master marketer, with 430+ apps published & 25,000,000 app downloads. 
How can I help you?
  • You have an iPhone / Android app idea - but don't know how to get it made.
  • You want to know how much it costs to make an app.
  • You need an app developer, but don't know where to find a good one. 
  • ​Want to know if a mobile app could help your online business increase your email list, sales & revenue. 
  • ​You have an app idea & want to get advice from an app consultant to get your questions answered. 
  • ​Need help figuring out what type of app to make. 
  • ​Are interested in starting an app portfolio. 
  • ​Have an app development, design, marketing or publishing query that you need advice on. 
Here are 4 ways to work with Elaine
App starter kit
Grab the quick start guide to getting your iPhone and/or Android app made. Save time + avoid all the common mistakes!
App Launch Method
Get instant access to my ENTIRE step by step process to design, make and publish your Apple & Android mobile app.  
1-1 'Appy Hour
1-1 private coaching with Elaine. We'll discuss your app idea, map out your next steps & get your questions answered in 60 minutes.
Need some 1-1 personal help with your iPhone/Android app? I have a limited number of VIP days available each month.  
Praise for Elaine’s app courses...
Hello, I'm Elaine, an iOS app consultant & certified master marketer. 

"I’ve published over 430 apps & enjoyed over 25,000,000 million downloads in the Apple & Android app stores, with over 50 #1 apps globally since 2012. And I’m ready to help you make your app designs & ideas come to life & make it into the app store" Elaine. 
A few things you should know about me...
  • I live in Ireland and don't drink Guinness. 
  • I've been a CEO, appreneur & online entrepreneur for 10 years
  • I'm a die-hard app addict. I've published over 430+ apps which had 25,000,000 downloads since 2012. And I still can't code.  
  • ​I've had over 50 #1 apps all around the world, in most app categories. 
  • I've helped over 1400+ people start online app businesses worldwide. 
  • #1 Best-selling author of the App Escape Plan. 
  • ​I'm a Certified Master Marketer in marketing strategy, copy & design & #1 best-selling author & multi-award-winning documentary producer. 
"Elaine is an app genius" Nikki, UK.
"I know that making an app can seem like a daunting process - especially if you're not an app developer! 
Well the good news is you don't need tech skills. I cannot code - and I've published 430 apps, by learning how to outsource my apps to freelancer app developers. It's not rocket science. These is a clear step by step process to follow when making an app. I know this as I've taught over 1400+ people to do it. And I promise, you can do it too!"
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